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RegisterFly loses credibility, terminated by ICANN
Post by websitegear on Apr 2, 2007 11:35:07 AM CST

The high flying domain name registrar company has been recently terminated by ICANN from their list of accredited registrars. The decision comes after problems arose within the company related to misappropriation of funds and clash between the two primary owners of the company - CEO Kevin Medina and vice president John Naruszewicz.

Mr. Naruszewicz claimed in a lawsuit filed in February, 2007, that Medina has used company funds to pay for personal expenses such as a $10,000 per month Miami beach penthouse, $6,000 bill for liposuction, $6000 for a Chihuahua, $9,000 on escorts. In response, Medina locked down the website by changing the root passwords of the servers. Since each of Medina and Naruszewicz own 50% of the company, the feud led to disaster at the company. has been known to be a cheap registrar for domain names and have registered more than 2 million names since its inception. ICANN's notice of termination mentions about releasing these domain names for transfers by owners and may allow bulk transfers to ICANN designated registrar if required. Even if survives these bad times, it has already lost credibility with the customers.

Announcement on ICANN Website

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Comment by erezrb on Jun 2, 2007 12:34:22 PM CST Report Abuse
How to save and moved your registerfly domains including protected domains:

How to moved your registerfly domains including protected domains before they will lost .

RegisterFly will not be a domain reseller in march 2007, and all your domain there is in risk of losing, spicily whois protected domains !.

so how to save your domain:

1. Create A New Register Fly Account.
2. Login into the Old RegisterFly Account.
3. Click on Manage Domains
4. Click A Domain Name
5. Click On Change Ownership
6. Click On “Push your names to another user”
7. Click Continue
8. Enter The User ID of The New RegisterFly Account
9. Verify The User ID of The New RegisterFly Account is Correct
10. Click Continue
11. Select Each Domain Name to Push
12. Check the Check Box Marked “Change the Whois/Contact info on the names being pushed”
*** Check This Box Only if your Domains are Showing ProtectFly Information on a Whois Database, If it’s Showing your Real Information with Working Email Then Continue Without Checking the Check Box ***
13. Login into Your New RegisterFly Account, Your Recently Transferred Domains Should Be All Unlocked.
14. Click Change Whois Information And Get Authorization Code for Each Domain.
15. Wait about 2 Days until changes are updated to the world.
15. Begin Transfer to New Registrar.

also i recommended CHEAP DOMAIN NAMES as domain register with very cheap domain names prices.
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