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WebsiteGear Products Forum

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Check WebsiteGear Introduces Unlimited Web Survey Plan
WebsiteGear released new unlimited plans for its web survey software. The silver plan will cost $12.50 per month (billed annually at $150), and the go ...
Check Web Survey Forum by websitegear on Dec 4, 2012
Check Poll window
Hello, I am using AJAX version here: Window size "jumps" when switching between poll and ...
Check Web Poll Forum by etchijov on Jul 17, 2008
Check Spanish Language Poll
I see that we can specify a Lang Parameter in the Querystring to get the poll in different languages. Is this the way we get the poll's in differen ...
Check Web Poll Forum by rgupta on Mar 15, 2008
Check Euro-Sign instead of Dollars
Hello! I use Click Tracking for my customers in The Netherlands. I would like the option to use the -euro sign instead of the Dollar Sign. Just ...
Check Click Tracking Forum by shenouda on Nov 9, 2007
Check How to change button label
Is it possible to change the label on the button to say something like "Go" instead of Vote? ...
Check Web Poll Forum by Hanson on Nov 1, 2007
Check How many web polls on one page
I love your polls but after 3 on one page they quit working. Any reason why? You say unlimited polls. Comment: When you say quit working, what do ...
Check Web Poll Forum by cohezion on Oct 12, 2007
Check The Poll Response Frequency isn't working
I have the Poll Response Frequency set to let voters vote every 7 days, but it isn't working please help. ...
Check Web Poll Forum by niconax on Feb 16, 2007
Check Changing the color of the results bar
Hello, Is it possible to change the color of the red results bar on the polls? Thank you. ...
Check Web Poll Forum by moclogin on Feb 6, 2007
Check Blank space under web poll
Hi again! Why is it so much blank space under the poll window? (See Did I do som ...
Check Web Poll Forum by lemachin on Jan 5, 2007
Check French correction for web poll
Hi Is it possible to replace the word Voix with the word Voter for both button and link returning to vote in the results window? It would be mor ...
Check Web Poll Forum by lemachin on Jan 5, 2007
Check UTF-8 Support?
Greetings, We need to be able to post polls in all UTF-8 supported languages, but specifically Chinese and Japanese. Any way you guys could toss in ...
Check Web Poll Forum by teleatlas on Dec 20, 2006
Check When are these rating polls going to ready. . .
When are the rating polls going to be ready to signup for and pay for them so that there is no banner ads. I want a Gold membership, but cant seem to ...
Check Rating Tool Forum by autumnfire on Aug 14, 2006
Check How to setup link tracking?
Here are the simple steps to create a link and test the tracking feature. Setting up links in your link tracking account: ------------------------ ...
Check Click Tracking Forum by websitegear on Aug 3, 2006
Check Using click tracking for tracking advertiser links
You can use click tracking for recording clicks to your advertiser's websites. With the Platinum membership, you can allow your advertisers to ...
Check Click Tracking Forum by websitegear on Aug 1, 2006
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