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5 common link building mistakes
Post by xu2steve on Aug 27, 2011 7:45:03 AM CST

Make sure that your link building strategy is free from all of these mistakes.

1. Using the same anchor text

If all of your links or absolute majority of them has the same anchor text, it looks unnatural for search engines. They do understand that it is almost impossible that all websites which are linking to you, will use the same anchor text. Moreover, people do not search for the same thing in the same way. For instance, are they looking for gym shoes, tennis shoes or sneakers? Using the same anchor text has two negative effects:

[*]you risk to get penalties from Google [*]you lose that part of audience who uses search terms different from anchor text you are using for your backlinks.

2. Only linking to your homepage

Though your home page is the landing page for most people, you should also build links for internal pages. When you direct user to the page which contains thuesese exact info he was searching for, you're providing more value for the user. As a result, you get more loyal visitor.
Apart from other benefits, it is important for your rankings to link to different pages. Evenly distributed link juice makes your SEO strategy more natural for Google.

3. Link building speed

This is a common and gross mistake. Making hundreds of links or submitting your articles to thousands of directories during just a few days is quite dangerous strategy. You may get banned from search engines if you build links too fast.
Link building should be slowly and steady, especially if your website is new.

4. Relying on one type of links

Put all your SEO eggs into one basket is very risky strategy. All your links will die if that source goes dark. To make your links reliable source of targeted visitors, make sure your links:

  • come from pages with different Google PageRanks

  • come from different types of sites

  • come from different types of sites

  • are placed in different placements on the page

  • are built manually

5. Thinking "that's enough"

It takes all the link building you can do, to stay in the same place on Google. There are dozens of competitors who trying hard every day to unseat you from your current position. That's why you should build links on a regular basis.

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