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Parent servers say that the domain does not exist
Post by skarbiec on Apr 25, 2007 1:11:35 AM CST

I have a certain question related to DNS configuration:

1) a week ago my internet domain SKARBIEC.BIZ went deactivated for some unknown to me reasons. I am not an engineer, so I do not manage it personally, but as I was informed we had to change DNS server (or reintroduce it, whatever);

2) new DNS server was entered in .BIZ register;

3) First of all I thought that I simply need to wait a while after changes in DNS, but than I realized that if I make WHOIS query I receive response that the domain is still deactivated. I also made a DNS check and I received information that "parent servers say that the domain does not exist". Of course, in WHOIS I can confirm that the domain exists, but still "deactivated".

4) Each day my engineer have a different idea what is the reason, but I am not only losing advertisers money, but also my positions in SERPS on some very competitive keywords and key-phrases, what might cause me a great deal for trouble in the future.

Could you give me any clues why parent server might say that the domain does not exist?

I assume that it is not the problem with DNS server, because there are hundreds of domains using that DNS and (however, as far as I know, none of them is .Biz, but I suppose it is irrelevant).

Thank you in advance,

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Comment by admin on Apr 25, 2007 12:07:21 PM CST Report Abuse

Here is how you can find the problems related to your domain name.

1. First check your domain name status with your registrar. I checked some whois queries for SKARBIEC.BIZ, and it shows domain name status - Inactive. So something is wrong with your registrar.

2. If that is successful, the domain name should have associated entries for DNS servers that has records for this domain name. Check that DNS server for A record entry. I used and here is the result.

No A records exist for SKARBIEC.BIZ, and SKARBIEC.BIZ does not exist.

The second check failed because there are no entries for DNS servers for that domain name. So check with your domain registrar, the problem seems to lie there.
Comment by skarbiec on Apr 26, 2007 2:29:06 AM CST Report Abuse
Than you for a reply. In details situation is like this:

- I own a domain "" – the sponsoring registrar is IHOLDINGS.COM, INC. D/B/A DOTREGISTRAR.COM

- Last Tuesday (April 17) the domain Skarbiec.Biz had become inactive. If I make a WHOIS query I see that Domain Last Updated Date is Tue Apr 17 8 pm Greenwich Time 2007. That is more or less time when the domain became inactive, so I assume there might exist a link between changes in register and deactivation of the domain. However I have not introduced any changes back then;

- If I make DNS query I receive response that "parent servers say that the domain does not exist", what suggests that .biz top level nameservers don't have any information for Skarbiec.Biz domain. On the other hand by WHOIS query I can confirm that the domain exists and I own it (WHOIS also confirms that the domain has not expired);

- I was informed that it is typical for a situation when DNS servers are not defined in the register, but it is not our case. I was assured few times by IHOLDINGS.COM that DNS are properly entered in their register as and Skarbiec.Biz uses such DNS since the begining (2005) and both DNS servers are used also by other domains, including a dozen of mine ones and we do not see any problems with and;

- As IHOLDINGS.COM informed me, in their system Skarbiec.Biz domain is active, but they confirm that if verified by WHOIS Skarbiec.Biz has status "inactive", what is quite unusual. The are "working on it", but without any results so far.

Skarbiec.Biz, was a leading financial portalin Poland, with app. 200.000 visitors monthly and the sudden deactivation causes a great deal of trouble, so I would be very grateful, if you provide me with any clue.
Comment by admin on Apr 26, 2007 7:05:51 AM CST Report Abuse
This kind of issue with a domain name, which gets 200,000 visitors, is unacceptable. If you are unable to resolve the issue via your registrar, it is time to move registrars. You can find list of registrars in our Classifieds section.

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