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Redirect Domain to new subsite
Post by CorumMc on Jun 4, 2007 9:48:02 AM CST

My apologies if this is a dumb question:

We have 20 location sites on their own domains (with their own ip) and a parent site for our company. We are in the process of moving their content to a leg within the parent site and I need to have the locations' domains redirect to their new "home page" in the path under the parent site for at least a year.

I can redirect a page easily enough. But is there a way to redirect every request coming into that domain? I'd rather not have to put the redirect code into each of the 15 or so pages on the 20 sites.

If it were possible to set something (I thought the DNS a likely possibility) to either point directly to the desired page under the parent site or to a single redirect page within the location's site, it would be much easier to maintain.

I'd appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!

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Comment by admin on Jun 5, 2007 10:01:14 AM CST Report Abuse
From what I understand, you want to redirect each domain to a sub-directory of the parent site. Not knowing whether you have control over your web server, and what type of webserver you use, it can be easily done using the host header configurations. Configure each domain name on your web server to listen on port 80 for the individual host header, and the document root pointing to the sub directory you want it to point to.

You do not need individual IPs assigned unless these also require SSL support. So in DNS records for these domains, all can point to the same IP address that the web server is listening on, or in your case, since you have too many IPs assigned, you can separate the DNS records to individual IP addresses.

Some clues of a similar configuration is available here (though it uses subdomains) - subdomain setup

Also for domain name config, see this - domain setup
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