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Sub domain configuration for mail and MX record
Post by talksr on Dec 30, 2007 5:43:20 PM CST


I have been following the useful subdomain config article on this site.

However I am a little stuck on what to do next, I know I can try things out, but this is a live domain I am working on, so I would rather just ask for help then wreck the dns on it.

At present, I have created a new and working sub-domain.
I have added this to my host headers on exchange, so it shows up a page, so I know it is working.
My ISP has provided me with a pop3 mailbox. How can I make it so that when I send/receive an email, it goes to/from, as opposed to
What needs setting up in the DNS to do this?

I am a little confused because, my ISP gives me the pop3 mailbox, so if I need to create a new MX or CNAME record, then would I need to forward the address to their server? Also what priorities would I give it?
At present, I have one mx record with a pref/priority of 5 which is '@' and an address of

In my NS Records, it says:
@ is an alias for
@ is an alias for

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Comment by admin on Dec 31, 2007 9:37:17 AM CST Report Abuse
If you want to work, then you have to create an MX record that would be tied to Right now probably the MX record is setup for and NOT As mentioned in the article on our site, create a MX lookup for

mail IN MX 10

That should work, it will resolve to the SMTP server for Verify the config by a DNS lookup for MX record for
If that does not work, try rerouting with an explicit A or CNAME record on your DNS server. This is required also if you have a subdomain setup to check emails at

mail IN MX 10

Create the A or CNAME record DNS entry to point to the email server.

mail IN A (where ... is the IP address of SMTP server)
mail CNAME

Then when you lookup MX record for, it should resolve to the email server IP address. Try these and let us know if it does not work.
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