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How to build mail list?
Post by chanceol on Jan 7, 2009 1:18:35 AM CST

I run a b2b website. I am now seeking to expand my business to oversea scountries. how can I get more overseas visitors on my site. someone tell me that I should build mail list. anyone can tell me how?

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Comment by felixalexander on Jan 30, 2009 2:49:50 AM CST Report Abuse
Build a Mailing List

(1) Use Parked Domains

Nothing is more irritating than to click on what you think is a good link only to find an old expired or parked domain name
that is still getting traffic. But still of being angry, contact the webmaster/owner responsible for the site and offer a cheap deal (the cost of the monthly hosting fees, maybe) to have your mail list squeeze page displayed prominently on their page.

(2) Use Your Own Domain Errors

All websites have common HTTP errors such as �Bad request 400� or �Unauthorized 401�, etc. Instead of letting them go, just locate and edit your error webpages like �Not found 404� or �Internal Error 500� to display your mailing list landing page.

(3) Change Your Landing Page Title

Instead of using a title like �squeeze� or �mailing list� you can try using �Benefits-of-Reading- Keyword-Newsletter� or �Keyword-News-Here�. Add at least 300+ words of keyword rich text on the squeeze page. This is for the search engines will pick it up and index as a normal content page and add it into the search page results it delivers to visitors.

(4) Write Press Releases

If you have a new product or service or improved on the old ones then submit a press release to a publicity service such as PR web. Include in the about section a weblink to your mailing list form with an offer for a �free� or �special discounted� item/service.

(5) Write Articles and to submit to Paid Distributors

Use an article submission service or distributor like ISnare to �push� your articles out further on the web. Make sure you submit your best and most polished articles because you want to have the most bangs for your bucks using this technique. Include a weblink for your subscription in the resource box.

(6) Invite Others to Publish on Your Website

If there is someone in your niche that you admire, ask them if they would be willing to publish a short Q&A article on your website or blog. Of course you would gladly include a link to their website in your newsletter and displayed on your front page. And in exchange they would mention of your website in their newsletter and place a backlink for you on their website.

(7) Publish in a related Newsletter

Contact the editors of a related but non-competing newsletter and ask if you could write a short piece for their readers. Keep contacting editors until you get a nibble. See if you can include your resource box at the bottom of your article. Again make certain to give these articles your best, because never know who may be reading your items.

Building a mailing list is simple using the above techniques, and now that you understand how they work, you should be able to starting growing a large mailing list on your own.

Comment by Duncans on Oct 13, 2009 1:35:14 AM CST Report Abuse
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Comment by batateam on Nov 11, 2009 12:33:36 AM CST Report Abuse
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