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Ecommerce Forum

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Check Website comments on updates / improvements please
Hi guys, we are currently developing our led bulb website and we are look for helpful feedback for improvements. its still in demo mode. Thanks ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by kingjoyce on Feb 28, 2013
Check Should I choose this online shopping cart?
I came across an online hosted shopping cart that is really cheap and has recurring billing, email marketing and affiliates - pretty much the whole n ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by rickb on Dec 23, 2010
Check How to build mail list?
I run a b2b website. I am now seeking to expand my business to oversea scountries. how can I get more overseas visitors on my site. someone tell me th ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by chanceol on Jan 7, 2009
Check Want to start a web based business!
Hello everybody, I want to have my own business on the web, like I find so many these days making good money online. I plan to set up an online store ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by Jasika on Dec 17, 2008
Check Moneytrip’s scammer runs with your money
The admin of moneytrip just simply scammed people’s money to fund his next trip by closing down the program with short notice. Moneytrip was started o ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by blackrabbit on Apr 15, 2008
Check for those who wanna break into Asia market
A very good Asia payment gateway provider that I've been using since the beginning of my business. At first I found it quite a mess to connect with th ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by damientaylor on Sep 17, 2007
Check How to manage online business successfully?
I have established two online companies providing virtual items below: and Though I have lots of customers from e ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by Superplayer on Sep 16, 2007
Check How to choose a shopping cart
There is a big choice of shopping carts all over the internet and sometimes it's rather difficult to choose the one. In this article we will gui ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by belahost on Apr 19, 2007
Check Looking for fraud victims: eTailers, not consumers
We're working on a research project called "Project Victim." We're trying to find online merchants who have lost a significant a ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by larryjkd on Feb 25, 2007
Check Google Checkout facing problems, customers unhappy
According to article on, Googl ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by indi on Dec 15, 2006
Check No transaction fees for Google Checkout till 2007
Google Checkout is providing free merchant transactions using Google Checkout without any limit till December 31, 2006. Usually, for every $1 you spen ...
Check Ecommerce Forum by admin on Nov 9, 2006
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