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Website Development Forum

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Check w3c(The world wide web consortium)
I’m a web developer, working in proven digital soft, India. Lot of websites I saw a w3c (The World Wide Web Consortium) icon on the bottom of the page ...
Check New Technologies Forum by andrewking on May 23, 2007
Check J2ME CLDC?
I want to gather some information about software is there any product suited for J2ME CLDC and is there any reference implementation for CLDC. If any ...
Check New Technologies Forum by thomking on May 23, 2007
Check consulting to speed up the curve..
Hi, I want to renovate a logic system into a micro based board. I would like to use c and write some code on Xcode(OS X). I am looking to find a simp ...
Check New Technologies Forum by andrewking on May 23, 2007
Check [For Hire] Experienced ASP.NET/MSSQL Developer
I've just finished a long term contract and looking for another big project; 3-6 month contract or a full time offsite position as an ASP.NET ...
Check ASP, VB & .NET Forum by csnegi on May 22, 2007
Check Looking for free form submit php script?
Looking for free form submit php script? Suggest me free form submit php script i want to use in my sites. Thanks Tapan Sant ...
Check PHP & Scripting Forum by tapan on Jan 30, 2007
Check DHTML select component issue in IE browser
Hi all, I come across this scenario, maybe someone can help me out. When i use a select component, my IE browser will blink whenever this select c ...
Check HTML & DHTML Forum by xnag on Jan 6, 2007
Check scjp exams ?
I was wondering if anyone used for their scjp prepartion , plz let me know . how good are their questions and whether they are close to r ...
Check New Technologies Forum by queasd12 on Dec 17, 2006
Check Firefox 3 Alpha 1 Released - Gran Paradiso & Gecko
Firefox 3.0 Alpha 1 was released for testing earlier this week. The project for Firefox 3.0 is code named Gran Paradiso. The general release of Firefo ...
Check Software & Services Forum by indi on Dec 12, 2006
Check Java 6 Released - Performance improvement key area
Sun Microsystems released the Java 6 platform couple of days back. This is the first time Sun has opened up the Java platform under the Sun Java Resea ...
Check New Technologies Forum by admin on Dec 10, 2006
Check Google shutting down Google Answers
Google will shutdown Google Answers. It was launched as a beta release in April 2002, and went out of beta in mid 2003. It was a paid service where so ...
Check Software & Services Forum by indi on Nov 27, 2006
Check Website design in VA/DC area
Hello, Can anybody tell me of a good website design and development company in Virginia/DC Metro area? Someone recommended Any r ...
Check Website Design Forum by samantha on Oct 27, 2006
Check SCJP is looking impossible for me.
I have started enjoying learning and testing. I am already in job and have very little time for myself. I can spare two hours daily for preparation. S ...
Check PHP & Scripting Forum by mountme on Oct 23, 2006
Check Code for 'add to favorites'
The code below shows a link on your web page to allow a visitor to add it to the favorites menu by clicking on the link. <script language=" ...
Check HTML & DHTML Forum by websitegear on Aug 11, 2006
Check Function to convert VB date to MySQL date
Here is the code to convert a VB date to MySQL format. function toSQLDate(dateInput) strYear = CStr(Year(dateInput)) strMonth = CStr(Mont ...
Check ASP, VB & .NET Forum by websitegear on Jul 31, 2006
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