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Website Development Forum

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Check HTML to enhance my javascript menu
To anyone that can help me I would really appreciate it! I have a javascript menu on a couple of websites I have created: www.simplicitysurfaces ...
Check Website Design Forum by vivid on Jul 22, 2008
Check Spreadsheet directly into web design
I purchased a template site through and need some assistance setting up tables in my pages. This site has a content mana ...
Check Website Design Forum by softfalls on Jul 15, 2008
Check New website development information needed
Hello group, I am a new member of this forum. I have been looking for some information / guidance. Hopefully someone can point me in the right dire ...
Check Website Design Forum by davidvignola on May 12, 2008
Check Jax India 2008
Keeping up its word to the IT world and following the success of the previous year, JAX India 2008 is all set to roll in Bangalore, from 8-11th of Apr ...
Check Software & Services Forum by ravia on Mar 28, 2008
Check Are Web Based CRM solutions suitable for small bus
The need of Web Based CRM Solutions is increasing in priority for every organization. Mainly initiated by the need of retaining the customers. Custome ...
Check Software & Services Forum by BretFine on Nov 21, 2007
Check Need some help in photoshop while creating a web.
i am creating a website on music, i have selected a template from a website but i don`t know the further steps what to do next. how to create the f ...
Check Website Design Forum by kaamya on Oct 17, 2007
Check How could I center this site?
Hi everybody, I made this website a long time ago and I didnīt have into account that it wouldnīt be centered for different screen resolutions. Wha ...
Check Website Design Forum by ivanmax on Oct 4, 2007
Check How do you use PSD templates as web sites?
I have used HTML, free templates before but although i can edit PSD templates easily using photoshop i don't know what to do with them then! How do yo ...
Check HTML & DHTML Forum by add001 on Sep 17, 2007
Check Website Development-Website Design
I want to start website development & website design company in banglore. Any one tell me what I need including investment & Other requirements. what ...
Check Website Design Forum by add001 on Sep 9, 2007
Check example of Server.Transfer and Context Handler
This is an example of Server.Transfer and Context Handler. Through this we can get the multiple values of previous form. In this page we are displ ...
Check ASP, VB & .NET Forum by hanusoft on Sep 7, 2007
Check Can Anyone Help?
Hi friends, I am a nonprofit and I am trying to figure out how to create a social networking site for my members and volunteers on a budget. Do you k ...
Check Website Design Forum by abriendnicc on Aug 24, 2007
Check SunRocket's demise leads to VOIP provider search
SunRocket, the second largest VOIP (voice over IP) phone service provider, closed down earlier this week leaving more than 200,000 customers without p ...
Check Software & Services Forum by indi on Jul 21, 2007
Check html code help
I have been trying to use a code for media on my website however the Window media player comes up on the browser but no movie or footage. what is a go ...
Check HTML & DHTML Forum by depeeden on Jul 20, 2007
Check Encrypt and decrypt query string
This code has been used to encrypt and decrypt query string. No matter what the length of the url is, this code will encrypt the key and the value the ...
Check ASP, VB & .NET Forum by hanusoftware on Jun 7, 2007
Check Firefox popup size constraining ends frame
Due to the security fix made for the bug (374570). From the bug description I understand that the pop-ups which were displaying over to the other fram ...
Check Website Design Forum by praveenj84 on Jun 6, 2007
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