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Website Development Forum

Showing 1 - 15 of 44 posts
Check How to develop a Flxexible Web Design
Here's what i found in developing a flexible and responsive web design @media screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .column { float: none; } } ...
Check Website Design Forum by jorgepson on Mar 5, 2013
We can process Image/TIF/GIF files to html format. We have developed HTML Tagging Conversion Software which can process all kinds of images. Support ...
Check Software & Services Forum by arifuddin on Nov 28, 2012
Check Backup Your Files, Photos, Music online For Free
MyPc Backup is a web site that provides you online storage. The Cool Think about it is that you can storage what ever you want on it and you will alwa ...
Check Software & Services Forum by Brandon22 on Nov 25, 2012
Check How to convert psd into html?
Please let me know how to convert psd into html? I want to create a design from photoshop! ...
Check Software & Services Forum by asifarasool on Jan 15, 2011
Check How to choose the right PHP Framework for web deve
Hi! I'm a PHP Pro, but haven't use any PHP framework till now, so I have no clue on how to choose a PHP framework. Do you have some tips to help m ...
Check PHP & Scripting Forum by simy202 on Jan 12, 2011
Check When you have SWF Flash files or FLV Flash video.
How you can use it. You can create animated GIF banner from SWf or FLV file. You can convert only best part of movie, or crop original and get a pi ...
Check Website Design Forum by alvinamedee on Mar 24, 2010
Check Online tutorials for programming languages
I am new to this coding world. Recently I have started with Turbo C/C++. What next should I go for c# or java? Are their any online tutorials availabl ...
Check PHP & Scripting Forum by Jordansmith on Mar 6, 2009
Check How to find out what code is used in website?
Hi, How to find out what code ( etc..) used in a website... ...
Check New Technologies Forum by maryabraham on Feb 26, 2009
Check How to make flash 3D sphere photo gallery
Want to displays images on an interactive 3D Sphere for website or blog but lack of flash skills? Here is a step by step tutorial shows you how to mak ...
Check Software & Services Forum by jessicasmith on Feb 24, 2009
Check What are H1, H2 & so on in web design?
Sorry for the stupid question, but I notice that we talk about a lot about the importance of have the right words or title in H1 or H2. What exactly d ...
Check Website Design Forum by Jordansmith on Feb 11, 2009
Check Best tool for real estate web design
We have a formula that works well. I'll tell you what it is, if you'll help us develop it and brainstorm. Then we start the copy with an introduction ...
Check Website Design Forum by Jasika on Feb 11, 2009
Check DIY photo collage yearbook with digital photos
Christmas is coming and a year also comes to its end right away. From beginning to end, from spring to winter, the year 2008 must bring you so many mo ...
Check Software & Services Forum by jessicasmith on Dec 23, 2008
Check Highlight table row on mouseover
From usability point of view, it is good to highlight the row in a table when the user moves the cursor over that table row. It becomes very easy to s ...
Check HTML & DHTML Forum by indi on Sep 9, 2008
Check PHP MySQL Web Development Security Tips
PHP MySQL Web Development Security Tips - 14 tips you should know when developing with PHP and MySQL I read about many of these points in books and ...
Check PHP & Scripting Forum by bill123 on Sep 8, 2008
Check How to make photo flash slideshow with swf output
The SWF file is widely used in website designing for displaying animated vector graphics, far exceeding the W3C open standard SVG, which has met with ...
Check Software & Services Forum by xwzjgdzg on Sep 2, 2008
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