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Domain Names & DNS Forum

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Check Looking for cheaper options on SSL Certificates!
I am looking at using my site to collect customer information and orders, so I need a SSL certificate for secure communication. What are the cheaper a ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by dareeendouhlas on Nov 28, 2008
Check new webServer and old DNS referral
hi, how u doin guys take the scenario: we have a domain that have DNS server we install a new 2k3 server and IIS on it and publish a website i ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by KEZAME on Sep 25, 2008
Check Alternative for dnsstuff -
A free substitute for Like everyone who configures mail or web servers on the Internet I used Unfortunately this tool a ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by ijsblokje on Sep 11, 2008
Check Configuring BIND on windows 2003 server VPS
Hi Guys, I have a Windows 2003 Virtual Private Server and I'm trying to configure it with a BIND DNS Server so my web hosts can point a domain nam ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by alun65 on Apr 25, 2008
Check nslookup query is not resolved
Hi,all I'm new comer , i have facing a problem in my DNS. when i run nslookup comand for a specific server then query is not resolved " ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by roks on Feb 25, 2008
Check Incoming not working
I am trying to setup an exchange server for the first time and running into trouble. right now the outgoing email works but the incoming is not worki ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by adamster on Jan 4, 2008
Check Sub domain configuration for mail and MX record
Hello, I have been following the useful subdomain config article on this site. Howev ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by talksr on Dec 30, 2007
Check problems with forward and reverse lookup tables
Hi guys, I'm working as beginner IT in a new company. One of the first things they ask me to do is this : we have 2 servers, each one has his own ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by deech123 on Dec 13, 2007
Check sale reaches $200,000 sale reaches $200,000--Shanghai NET Network Service Co.,Ltd Domain name news brought to you by A recent online ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by Alao25 on Nov 20, 2007
Check Strange problem with domain name configuration
We have a few domain names registered with Network solutions. Recently, we changed web hosts. In the process, we created our name servers at Network ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by rpattanaik on Nov 4, 2007
Check Minimum time to make live a Website in Internet
What minimum possible time does it take to become live on Internet for a website? I mean to say the time taken from domain registration, hosting a ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by hindi on Sep 30, 2007
Check Free Tdnam Firesale Scanner
Hello everyone, The reason why I posted because I wanted to share to everyone about something that I just built that will help the TDNAM Firesale c ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by roryrockerchic on Sep 10, 2007
Check IT & Media is the new registrar for .gw
IT & MEDIA, Corp. a US Company with headquarter in Lisbon, Portugal has acquired the rights of Guinea-Bissau´s ccTLD .gw, after negotiations with thei ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by pasctg on Aug 27, 2007
Check DNS Config To Point To Internally Hosted Domain
I have a sub domain that I am hosting a site for, but I want to be able to view the site from within our network by using the domain name as opposed t ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by mcfly1204 on Jul 6, 2007
Check Redirect Domain to new subsite
My apologies if this is a dumb question: We have 20 location sites on their own domains (with their own ip) and a parent site for our company. We ...
Check Domain Names & DNS Forum by CorumMc on Jun 4, 2007
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